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Plant and Produce 2014

Hickling Village Hall

Sunday September 21st


Afternoon teas

Prizes presented 3.15 pm

Sale of Produce 3.30 pm

Schedule & entry form

Welcome to the sixth Hickling Plant and Produce Show. Last year was a really successful growing year. The fruit and vegetable entries were particularly good and there was some close competition. The children were also busy and we had record entries from them. Bakers – where were you? The stalwart few were there to answer the call, but far fewer braved the competition than usual. Watch out! The men have their own section this year, so get that pinny on and get baking!

Last year several entrants suggested that they would like guidelines on the presentation of produce. These are not compulsory (and therefore not included in the schedule,) but those of you who are interested can find them on the village website, or get a copy from Barbara at Cobblestones, Main Street, Hickling, 822834


Please can we encourage you to enter in advance as it makes planning the layout of the show and completing the paperwork much easier – and it saves you money!

Entry forms* are at the back of the schedule and should be returned as directed. Please could all entries be in the names of individuals, rather than families. There is a designated children’s section, but children are welcome to enter any of the other classes. Entries are 20p per class in advance, (50p on the day) andmust be brought to the Village Hall between 9 – 11 am. Late entries cannot be accepted. ( Well, we say that every year but you still all squeeze in!)

If you would like to donate your entry to the sale of produce please indicate this in the entry form or when you bring your produce to the show.

Judging will take place from 11 – 2.00 am. Points will be awarded as follows:

1st prize – 3 points

2nd prize 2 points

3rd prize – 1 point


Child with the highest points

Individual with the highest points

Best fruit and vegetables (overall points)

The Peggy Herrick cup for best baker (overall points)

(A small prize will be given to each child who enters the Children’s classes.)

CHILDREN’S CLASSES (under 6, 6-12, 12-16)

Painting / drawing, theme ‘I like animals!’

Collage, theme ‘I like animals!’

Hand print picture ( under 5’s only )

‘The Village Green’ in a biscuit / cake tin

Decorated sponge cake ‘ Flower garden’ (decoration only to be judged)

Vegetable monster ( no man-made accessories except cocktail sticks)

Model made from Lego, Duplo, Meccano etc. Theme ‘ Rocket to Mars’ (base to fit on A4 paper)

Cake ( 7’’/8’’) Own recipe

“How did that get there….? ” A plant in an unusual container

Photograph “ Look what happened this year! ”


Jar of Stoned Fruit jam

Jar of Soft Fruit jam

Jar of Marmalade

Jar of Lemon Curd

Jar of Chutney

Jar of Honey ( for the bee-keepers amongst us )


All food entries must be covered please.

Free-style this year. Please use your own tried and tested recipes.

Fruit Cake

Victoria Sandwich

Chocolate Cake

Celebration Cake – any type. Must be decorated

Round of Shortbread

Loaf Cake

Apple Pie / Tart


Tray-Bake ( 5 squares )


Fruit tart ( pastry base, own choice of fruit)

A loaf of bread ( any type)

Fruit Cake


6 Hen eggs


Dahlias – 3

The last rose of summer – one bloom

A houseplant, flowering, foliage or succulent

Scented flower (any variety)


5 Dessert apples (any variety)

5 Cooking apples (any variety)

5 Dessert pears (any variety)

5 Dessert Plums (any variety)


5 Runner beans (any variety)

5 French beans (any variety)

3 Carrots (any variety)

3 Beetroot (any variety)

3 Potatoes (any variety

3 Onions, without tops (any variety)

5 Shallots (any variety)

5 Tomatoes

3 Leeks (any variety)

3 Courgettes

1 Cabbage (any variety)

Selection of home-grown vegetables, presented as you wish.

Bunch of home-grown herbs

Heaviest marrow

Heaviest pumpkin

3 Peppers or chillies

Most curiously shaped vegetable (any variety!)


A piece of craft work (sewn, knitted, beaded etc.) Go on – we know lots of you are making things. Show us what you’ve been up to!


A painting in any medium


(not more than 3 photos per entry please)

‘What’s going on’ Life in Hickling

Best animal photograph


Seasonal garden flowers in any container

60. Posy in an unusual container

61. ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ an arrangement of the last flowers of summer

62. ‘The Wild Bunch’ an arrangement of wild flowers and plants


The cups and prizes will be presented in the Hall at 3.15 pm


Teas will be served during the course of the Show, 2.30 – 4.00 pm

Entries may be collected at 4.00pm.


Sale of donated produce will take place at 3.30pm